No time for further reading, here is your short answer then. Yes. Gluten free. That is the status of quinoa. Read further, however, for some interesting bits of information in response to the question is quinoa gluten free. Apart from being gluten free, quinoa holds a number of specific health benefits for those people who are gluten sensitive, gluten intolerant and even, perhaps, are sufferers of the rare celiac disease, whether they know this or not.

Consumption of the gluten free seed, or derivatives of it, carry any number of benefits for those required to utilize it in accordance with their condition. Quinoa has also developed into a highly favorable source for strict vegans due to the unusually high presence of protein. Interestingly, the quinoa proteins are similar in structure to the gluten protein that will cause autoimmune reactions among celiac disease sufferers and people with high levels of gluten intolerance.

It has also been proven that quinoa is quite safe to digest. That is another answer to a widely asked question perhaps. Another question perhaps is this one. Where can I find quinoa, and where can I purchase it. Originally, quinoa was only sourced indigenously from certain regions on the South American continent. But today, it is possible to harvest quinoa in different parts of the world, provided that the climate and geology is favorable for this.

Also, thanks to the high levels of advocacy and the increased levels of health awareness, major food industry companies have responded in kind. Supermarket shelves these days are not entirely stocked to the hilt as much as all products carrying the label that it is gluten free. But then again, many of these gluten free products will already contain quinoa. All you need to do is read your product labels a little more closely next time.

is quinoa gluten free

But the march is also on to avoid as many processed foodstuffs as possible. With or without quinoa, there will be other harmful ingredients lurking somewhere in the food. So, just to remind you, quinoa is one hundred percent and wholeheartedly gluten free. And if you are not going to be processing or cooking, you can enjoy this seed as a healthy, raw snack.