Making the transition from high school to college is much harder than a lot of people will tell you. There is a misconception that if you just do the same things that you did in high school, you are going to succeed in college. But the truth is a little bit different, and that is what we want you to know about right now. We want you to know that if you do care about how you will perform in college, you should be making changes the moment that you get in and start your classes.

What are the differences? The main thing that you will find is that even though you are spending less time in the classroom, you have much less time to study too. That is because there are so many activities associated with being in college. Aside from sports, music or theater, you will find there are so many great groups and organizations that you will want to be a part of. But the reality is that you will have to find time for everything, including the work that you need to get done. And that balancing act can be the hardest thing to manage.

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